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Achillion Private Hospital357-25-2000009 Stygos street, 3117 Lemesos, Cyprus
Apollonion Private Hospital+357-22-46900020 Lefkotheou Ave, 2054 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus
Aretaeion Private Hospital+(357)-22-200300Andreas Avraamides No.55-57, 2024 Strovolos, Lefkosia, Cyprus
Elpis Medical Centre(+357)-2695300068, Agapinoros street, 8049 Pafos, P.O.Box 62180, Cyprus
Evangelismos Hospital+357-26-848-00087 Vasileos Constantinou, P.O.Box 62237, 8062 Pafos, Cyprus
Iasis Private Hospital+357-26-848-4848 Voriou Street, PO Box 62815, 8069 Pafos, Cyprus
Makario Hospital00357-22405000Nicosia, Cyprus
Nicosia General Hospital123456Athalassa, Southeastern Nicosia, Cyprus
St. George`s Private Hospital357-26-94700029 Eleftherios Venizelos Avenue - PO Box 62259, Pafos, Cyprus, 8021 Cyprus
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