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Abnoub Central Hospital20-000-0555Al-Tahrir Street, Abnoub, Assiout, Egypt
Abo Al-Matameer Central Hospital20-000-0081Abo Al-Matameer, Abo Al-Matameer, Al-Behairah, Egypt
Abo Al-Reesh Student Hospital20-084-8328Faculty of Medicine Street, Cairo, Egypt
Abo Hammad Central Hospital20-000-0050Abo Hammad, Abo Hammad, Egypt
Abo Hommos Central Hospital20-056-0044Abo Hommos, Abo Hommos, Al-Behairah, Egypt
Abo Kabeer Central Hospital20-058-0137Mostafa Kamel Street, Abo Kabeer, Al-Sharqiyah, Egypt
Abo Qorqas Hospital20-048-0352Al-Ibrahimiyah Street, Abo Qorqas, AL-Mina, Egypt
Abo Teeg Central Hospital20-000-0777Abo Teeg, Abo Teeg, Assiout, Egypt
Abo Tesht Central Hospital20-000-0605Al-Mustashfa Street, Abo Tesht, Abo Tesht,Qena, Egypt
Abo-Qeer Central Hospital20-560-1542Al-Bahr Al-Mayiet Street, Alexandria, Abo-Qeer, Egypt
Aga General Hospital20-000-0311Aga, Aga, Al-Daqahliyah, Egypt
Ahmed Maher Teaching Hospital20-2-3923366341 Port Said St`Bab El Khalk, Cairo, Egypt
Ain Shams University Specialized Hospital20-2-2603160Al Khalefa El Maamoun Street, Abbassia, Egypt
Al Shorouk Hospital+202-304-49015 Bahr Alghazal, St Sahafeyeen, Giza, 12411 Egypt
Al-`Adwah Hospital20-056-0940Port Said Street, Al-`Adwah, Al-Menia, Egypt
Al-`Aiyat Central Hospital20-021-0501Al-`Aiyat, Al-`Aiyat, Giza, Egypt
Al-`Areesh General Hospital123456Al-`Areesh, Egypt
Al-Amriyah Central Hospital20-098-0013Al-Amriyah, Alexandria, Egypt
Al-Fashn Central Hospital20-0000346Al-Fashn, Bani Swaif, Al-Fashn, Egypt
Al-Fayoum General Hospital123456Al-Fayoum Health Affairs Directorate, Al-Fayoum, Egypt
Al-Ghardaqah General Hospital20-0040740Al-Ghardaqah, Al-Ghardaqah, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt
Al-Safa Hospital361091040, Iraq St., Mohandisen, Giza, Giza, Egypt
Al-Saff General Hospital20-022-0444Al-Saff, Giza, Al-Saff, Egypt
Al-Salam General Hospital20-081-94243 Syria Street, Giza, Al-Muhandeseen, Egypt
Al-Santah Hospital20-000-0032Al-Markaz Street, Al-Santah, Al-Gharbiyah, Egypt
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