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Abarbanel Mental Health Center972-3-555-262615 Keren-Kayement St, Bat Yam, P.O. Box 1115, Tel Aviv, 59100 Israel
Aesthetic Medical Center972-3-744-006340 Einstein Sreet, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, 69101 Israel
Aesthetika Surgery Ltd972-3-527-00206 Reines, Tel Aviv, 64381 Israel
Al France St Joseph Hospital972-2-582-8407P.O.Box 19264 Sheikh Jarah, Jerusalem, 91192 Israel
albia Community Mental Health Center123456Jerusalem, Israel
Alyn Hospital - Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Center972-2-649-4222cor. Olswanger Kiryat Yovel, Jerusalem, 91090 Israel
Assaf Harofeh Medical Center972-8-977-9999Ramla, Israel
Assaf Harofeh Medical Center972-8-977-9500P.O. Beer Yaacov, Zerifin, Tel Aviv, 70300 Israel
Assuta Hospital972-4-954179062 Jabotinsky Street, Tel Aviv, 62748 Israel
Assuta Medical Center972-4-954179062 Jabotinsky Street, Tel Aviv, 62748 Israel
Assuta Medical Center972-7-629-141411 Izhak Reger St. Beer, Sheba, 84895 Israel
Assuta Medical Center972-7-67476903 Hagvura Street, Ashkelon, 78190 Israel
Assuta Medical Center972-4-835-122173 Hertzel Street, Haifa, 33212 Israel
Atidim - Medigroup Ltd.972-3-649-913324 Habarzel, Tel Aviv, 69710 Israel
Atidim Medigroup Hospital972-3-649-913324 Habarzel St, Tel Aviv, 69710 Israel
Augusta Victoria972-2-627-9911Mt. of Olives, Jerusalem, 91191 Israel
Barzilai Medical Center972-8-674-5555Ashkelon, 78306 Israel
Basel Heights Medical Center972-3-546-233035 Basel Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, 62744 Israel
Beer Ya`acov Mental Health Center972-08-9258241Beer Ya`acov, Tel Aviv, Israel
Beilinson Medical Center972-39223212Petah Tikva, 49100 Israel
Beit Harofim Bnei Brak972-3-619-431519 Hazon Ish, Bnei Brak, 51502 Israel
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev - Faculty of Health Sciences972(8)647-7408P.O.Box 653, Beer-Sheva, 84105 Israel
Bikur Cholim Hospital972-2-646-41115 Strauss, Jerusalem, 95142 Israel
Bitan Shesh972-8-945-7544P.O.Box 1233, Rehovot, 76111 Israel
Bnei Zion Medical Center {Rothschild}972-4-835-935947 Eliyahu Golomb, Haifa, 33394 Israel
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