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Centro Especializado San Fernando507-229-0381Via Espana, Las Sabanas, Panama City, Panama, 507-229-2299 Panama
Centro Hemato-Oncologico Paitilla507-263-3449Cl. 53 y Av. Balboa, Marbella, Panama City, Panama, Panama
Centro Hemato-Oncologico San Fernando507-229-6610Via Espana, Las Sabanas, Panama City, Panama
Hospital Amador Guerrero507-441-5060Cl. 10 y Paseo Gorgas, Colón, Colón, 507-441-5151 Panama
Hospital de Chepo507-296-7728Chepo, Panama City, Panama, 507-296-7211 Panama
Hospital Integrado San Miguel Arcangel507-230-3475Vias Rdo. J. Alfaro y Transístmica, Panama City, Panama, 507-230-2830 Panama
Hospital Nacional507-207-8100/207-8102Ave. Cuba and 38th and No. 150, 39th Street, Panama City, Panama
Hospital San Judas Tadeo507-277-7500Villa Lucre, Panama City, Panama, Panama
Hospital Santa Fe507-227-4733Via Simon Bolivar y Av. Frangipani - PO Box 3320 Zona 4, Panama City, Panama, Panama
Hospital Santo Tomas507-227-4122Cl. 34 Este y Av. Balboa, Panama City, Panama, Panama
Hospital Siquiatrico Nacional507-224-1670Rio Abajo, 5027 Panama, Panama City, Panama, Panama
Policlinica General y Especializada de Rio Abajo507-224-4767Rio Abajo, Edif. Vent-Vue, Panama City, Panama, Panama
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