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American Clinic(095)937-575731, Grokholsky pereulok, Moscow, 129090 Russia
American Medical Center {AMC}+7-495-933-77-00-933-77-03-926,6 Prospekt Mira, {1 Grokhol`sky Pereulok}, Moscow, 129090 Russia
American Medical Clinic+7(812)740-20-9078 Moika embankment, Saint Petersburg, 190000 Russia
Andros Clinic7-812-235-1487-7-812-235-6936A Lenin St., 1st floor, St. Petersburg, 197136 Russia
City Clinical Hospital No 50123456Vucheticha st., 21, Moscow, 127206 Russia
European Medical Centre Group(7-495)933-6655Spiridonievskiy Per. 5, Bld. 1, Moscow, Russia
MEDEM International Clinic and Hospital+7(812)336-33-336 Marata Ul., St. Petersburg, 191025 Russia
Pskov Central Oblast Hospital123456Ul. Maliasova, 2 Pskov, 180640 Russia
Russian Children and No. 146,s Clinical Hospital+7(495)130-6442Leninskij prospekt, 117, Moscow, 117513 Russia
Ryazan Central Oblast Hospital123456Ul. Internatsionalnaya, 3A Ryazan, 390039 Russia
Sokolov Hospital1234564 Prospect Kultury, St Peterburg, 194291 Russia
Velikie Luki Central City Hospital123456Bolnichnaya, 10 Pskov Oblast, Velikie Luki, 182100 Russia
Vladivostok Regional Hospital No. 1123456Ul. Aleutskaya, 57 Vladivostok, 690000 Russia
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