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Abu Dhabi Central Hospital971-2-6214666PO Box 233, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Abu Dhabi Medical Zone971-2-330-000PO Box 848, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Abu Dhabi New Psychiatry Hospital971-2-633-1600Al Manal Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Abu Dhabi Nicker International Children`s Hospital971-2-328811PO Box 7611, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Ahlia Hospital9712-6267267P.O. Box 2419, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Ajman Hospital971-6-742-2227PO Box 402, Ajman, UAE
Ajman Medical Zone971-6-627-333PO Box 17971, Ajman, UAE
Al Ahli Hospital971-2-267267PO Box 2419, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Al Ain Hospital {Al Jimi Medical Complex}971-3-763-5888PO Box 15781, Al Ain, UAE
Al Ain Medical Zone971-3-348-000PO Box 1353, Al Ain, UAE
Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital971-4-344-4010Al-Jumeira, P.O.Box 11425, Dubai, UAE
Al Baraha Hospital971-4-271-0000PO Box 22241, Deira, Dubai, UAE
Al Dhaid Hospital971-6-882-2221Sharjah, UAE
Al Dowali Medical Centre971-4-344-1142P.O. Box: 914 Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach road, Dubai, UAE
Al Dowali Private Hospital971-4-2212484Po Box 914, Dubai, UAE
Al Fujairah Medical Zone971-9-541-117PO Box 2072, Fujairah, UAE
Al Hyatt Hospital971(3)7660999Po Box 18899, Al Ain, UAE
Al Jazeira Hospital971-2-241800PO Box 2427, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Al Maghrabi971-6345000Abu Dhabi, UAE
Al Maktoom Health Center971-4-222-1211PO Box 1899, Dubai, UAE
Al Maqam Private Hospital971-3-615666PO Box 1143, Al Ain, UAE
Al Noor Hospital971-2-6-265-265Khalifa Street - PO Box 46713, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Al Qassimi Hospital9716-5386444PO Box 3500, Sharjah, UAE
Al Rafa PolyClinic971-4-393-5115Rafa Road - PO Box 8703, Dubai, UAE
Al Rahba Hospital00-97-12506-4444Abu Dhabi, 345555 UAE
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