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26 Sep 2013Cardiomyopathy and hypertension
24 Sep 2013Becoz cancer takes a huge toll on psyche,phsique and economy of nation
16 Sep 2013more is to work on on prevention n yoga definately has a better effect on all the diseases .. i request you to plz get yourself versed with the SUDARSHAN KRIYA.. N NUMBER OF DOCUMENTED EVIDENCES TO SUPPORT IT.. rather i would ask u all to do it for urself.. we neeed food , air and water to be alive , without food one can live for atleast a week, without water atleast for few days.. but without air maxx a minute.. so most important of all is air.. but most of time we r thinking of food.. food n food.. breath has a secret to offer :}
27 Aug 2013Cancer take chmotherapy long duretion treatment n necessary to provide by goverment
26 Aug 2013cancer is a devastating disease esp. in rural area where knowledge and medical aid Is less and they come to the cities for treatment after selling all their resources with the hope of saving a life.These people need the maximum help.I was happy to see Tata cancer hospital is having social service cell run by cancer survivers and a run by an NGO stared by Vandana Gupta under the guidance of Dr. Advani the well known ocologist
25 Aug 2013Govt should provide free treatment for childhood malignancies which can really save many lifes.
09 Aug 2013ITS AN expensive therapy and alot of our patients cant afford it
28 Jul 2013Diabetes has known non investigative treatment and it is a lifelong illness that given proper healthcare can lead a full life.
26 Jul 2013DM, heart disease and HTN are typically the result of poor diet and lifestyle choices made by the patient. Cancer, with the exception of certain cancers in smokers, is the fault of nobody. If any of these diseases should be treated for free, it should be that which can`t be prevented.
25 Jul 2013Maximum patients in India

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