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15 May 2009Actually it depends upon so many factors : Prognosis of the condition, available options and affordability of treatment, other children and their health status etc However in current set u,p probably only significant, severe lesions will be detected antenatally
15 May 2009in the present era of competitive world, there is no place for sub-optimal offsprings.
12 May 2009too broad a club cardiac which till today has a lesser survival rate with renal where only the most severe cases would lead to disability and severe mortality.
07 May 2009Heart surgery has improved well teh last decades and could be done post partum when suitable. Renal anomalies can be treated with transplantation. If this is the only cong.birth defects that the child has_? A prognos and analysis should ber made in collabortation with the parent´s will
07 May 2009Congenital heart defects are often well treated with early surgery as well as renal anomailies-transplantation if not other congenital brain defects exists_?_?
06 May 2009The effect of looking after severely diabled children on the family can be devastating
06 May 2009Putting a child and family for life long problems and dysability by doing surgery{outcomes for surgery not known} is unethical
06 May 2009It depends on whether the defect is amenable to surgery and whether the surgery is economically affordable by the family.
05 May 2009its better to do mtp
28 Apr 2009fetal surgery

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