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08 Aug 2009no one pays head unless drastic measures are taken!! some on does suffer in the bargain but thats the way our system works!
07 Aug 2009Residents must have their rights.The authorities,anywhere are not paying any extra attention to the demands of the medical personnel,only depriving them of their rights on the ground that they are emergency staff and their strike will cause public inconvenience.Let the authorities learn that the problems faced by emergency staff need to be addressed on emergency basis,so that there will be no need for going on strike.Till that day comes,the Resident doctors have their right to go on strike.
07 Aug 2009it`s high time doctors in our country atleast demand a respectable pay and more humane working hrs, esp when people all over the world are restricting themselves to 40 to 48hrs per week schedules, and the fact that studies have already proven that attention and acuity is best sustained for a period upto 12 hrs
07 Aug 2009Strike may not be necessrily in form of stopping hospital work`other modalities should be worked out so that drs get support and not wrath of general public and patientsperttenders-May be by running parrallel OPDand providing services to the people better than what they usually get.once general public supports your cause,authorities are bound to relent.-dr sanjeev aggarwal.
06 Aug 2009This has been a major problem of developing countries, Nigeria being a vivid examples. Strikes become inevitable when the authority concerned continue to turn deaf ears to the request of the doctors.
06 Aug 2009Yes after all efforts are done for the same.
05 Aug 2009Residents are abused world-wide.
05 Aug 2009docs work more , slog more, velnarable to public voilence, limited resources extended by governments for health care as hurdle in there work and legal hassels. other cadres ACP, DM are equal cadres in eyes of central government, are they also being paid less_? recomendations of residency scheme made by central government should be applicable to all
05 Aug 2009Why do people forget even doctors are human beings, we go in to the profession to do good and no harm, but who will feed us and our families, if the pay is so abysmal!! You have to fight for what you rightfully deserve, if you are not given.
04 Aug 2009Our system works only with compulsion, hence strikes become necessary. The resident doctors however were responsible and continued their work outside the hospital, which is appreciable.

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