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16 Sep 2009In any medically indicated case it should be the goal to attempt to get the most accurate diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.
15 Sep 2009It is necessary to test and treat swine flu in private hospitals.
14 Sep 2009Aunthaticated registered labs undersupervison public authorities.
11 Sep 2009To battle an inevitable epidemic just the Government hospitals are not sufficient.
11 Sep 2009pleaz let all help
09 Sep 2009people can be exploited by them for their profit seeking behavior. even people can take the medicine easily which can cause resistance. especially the uneducated or panicked people.
08 Sep 2009private hospitals are better place as per diagnosis ,investigation and further magament
05 Sep 2009private hospitals if allowed they give preference to affluent. they will store them, after expiry throw them in garbage. in the mean time due to unavailability of medicine, we lose patients. our govt` hospitals laboratories are god and equipped , may be need little upgrading. but our babus n neetas needs are dejawu. if they can upgrade govt,labs it might require cost {we say} 10, rs. if given out to private people it will cost { we say }1000, rs, like our arogyasri. only the insurance companies and private hospitals get money n health, not common man.
04 Sep 2009if they take responsibility then yes
03 Sep 2009All private hospitals should provide this facility for a FIXED cost. This will make sure peoples are not looted in hospitals.

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