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11 Oct 2009It depends on the maturity of the child. Most important factor is parents should analayse and see which approach would best fit to achieve the ultimate outcome i.e. motivating, positive thinking, courage to move ahead and love spirit.
08 Oct 2009Every patient should be explained the nature of the disease and its true prognosis.
06 Oct 2009Unless the child is mentally challenged and may act out due to such information, a child well informed would cooperate with their management.
05 Oct 2009in the era of information,child is entitled to know.Give information very tactfully so that child does not resort to suicide or suffer depression , worthlessness.Enacipation of adolescent is current word.morally,ethically and legally medical professionals have a duty towards adolescent to inform him, her along with parents in most suited and harmless manner=Dr Mahesh Baldwa
05 Oct 2009adolesent are very sensitive we have to handle with care
05 Oct 2009Our younger son Tom, aged 19, died three years ago from a rare brain tumour and was given his prognosis directly with both his father and myself present. Our son would not have wanted it any different- he was an intelligent and forthright young man who has just started university. We always had an open and honest relationship with him and this continued in the last few weeks of his life. His father and I persuaded him to tell his many close friends ASAP and they were incredibly supportive towards him and us as a family. My son made a will and also arranged his funeral and thanksgiving service.He received the last rites and died at home five weeks after his prognosis. It was hard to talk to our much loved son about his dying and leaving us. However, this did give us the opportunity to tell him how much we loved him and to thank him for the many wonderful years he gave us. For our son and for us I believe total honesty about his prognosis was for the best and we are immensely proud of the courage, faith and fortitude he showed throughout the last weeks of his life.
04 Oct 2009 To avoid psychological breakdown.
03 Oct 2009Parents know their child best, so they should decide. One cannot generalize and say that the child should know. Each case is unique. -Dr. Arushi.
29 Sep 2009It should be a gradual process, and should be started in late adolescence. we should use as simple language as possible.
28 Sep 2009Surveyed adolescents have told us they want to know and want to know early in the course of their illness. To not tell them, disrespects their autonomy and assumes they will not find out some other way, potentially breaking the trust in their relationships with adults. In my experience the adolescent always knows, unless developmentally delayed, anyway and just pretends to protect the family.

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