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02 Jan 2010we will never know the impact of this silent killer
01 Jan 2010now confirmation test is done in very few cases, cate3 only.
27 Dec 2009yes thats indeed is true
27 Dec 2009no the cases have genuinely gone down
25 Dec 2009only category 3 pateints are being tested
25 Dec 2009yes i think the cases have come down may be due to the change in climate
14 Dec 2009as the policy now to use the drug oseltamivir without testing for it , many a times we may not be knowing what we are treating.
09 Dec 2009yes, i would like to avoid all the hassles if the pt is detected positive
07 Dec 2009Not only to avoid hassless ,but also most cases are mild ,especially in the non-risk group ,and by the time we decide to start anti-viral drugs {after 72 hours},the child gets better.
01 Dec 2009We should not ignore Swine Flu at this stage. It is still spreading slowly and killing a few lives daily.

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