Pedi Poll Remarks - Pediatric Oncall
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15 Jun 2010Good job Dr.
12 Jun 2010its simple we play with genetic code in humans and they are adapting to it but according to a study the genetic change in humans has occured at very fast rate than plants and animals so our GIT will be most effected
08 Jun 2010it may be useful,but harm done is certain and much greater
08 Jun 2010It will be very useful landmark for genetic engineering. Scientist will be free from incorporating specific codes to bacterial genome, rather they can produce desired effects directly in vivo.
01 Jun 2010human being is a natorious creature god himself is depressed due to his own creation..... so will be man if he do not understand the limits.
30 May 2010let NATURE take care of us and enjoy previllage of healing so that nature can CURE well

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