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12 Jul 2010Oseltamvir, marketed by Roche as Tomiflu, is an antiviral agent that is required to be given to children, under 2 year of age, with established diagnosis or strong suspicion of influenza who are likely to develop complications. It is best given within 48 hours of onset of symptoms. Given subsequently, the beneficial effect is yet there but only upto a point. Dr Suraj Gupte Professor and Head Postgraduate Department of Pediatrics Narayana Medical College and Gen and Superspeciality Hospitals Nellore 524002, South India
07 Jul 2010surprised to find even 5 percent saying yes
07 Jul 2010now except for the kids should the newly intro vaccine, vaxiflu-S be given to the general public.
06 Jul 2010always consider antibiotic resistance.
04 Jul 2010the drug in question has many side effects.also its efficacy after 48 hrs. is doubtful.
04 Jul 2010must comfirm the diagnosis before giving it.
03 Jul 2010no never
03 Jul 2010no need its an ordinary URTI, better give annual flu vaccine
03 Jul 2010it could be other simple viral fever
02 Jul 2010must confirm diagnosis, then only start treatment

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