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18 Aug 2011Only if proved contact with open case
16 Aug 2011 I am not sure weather INH prophylaxis will help in preventing MDR TB {which is the actual reason of concern} in these children.
08 Aug 2011It should be given to HIV-positive children to prevent TB . However , we ,doctors need to do more research on this issue with regards to cost-effectiveness and side-effects to the children.
01 Aug 2011there shouldn`t be a blanket policy in the prophylaxis as evdence based studies are needed and in this bargain one tends to miss geneuine cases of TB who needs intensified trt.
31 Jul 2011yes . should given INH for further avoid complication of res failure ..... already that baby was suffering from immune suppressive diseases ..why not prescribed inh for this child_? don`t confuse save one generation .... by DR.RK CONSULTANT KUZHANTHAI MARUTHUVAR
31 Jul 2011PROPHYLAXIS should definitely be given to HIV inected children with a history of CONTACT of TUBERCULOSIS
30 Jul 2011HIV children are immunocompromized and prone to drug side effects beside raising drug resistant strains of tubercl bacilli . without evidence based data this procedure may have more adverse effects than benefits.
14 Jul 2011it depends on hx of BCG and CD4 {severity} for PX of NMT
12 Jul 2011more evidence needed
12 Jul 2011Patient may have infection which may already be by resistant strain.MDR Tb is on the rise. Judicious use of all the drugs, specially INH is necessary.

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