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15 Nov 2011yes its ok to use adult medications by careful dose adjustments according to child`s weight...and should be vigilant
11 Nov 2011We should not prescibe if we have another drug to replace it.
11 Nov 2011There is always a risk associated with consuming adult medications by children. There can be accidental overdosing that can happen. Therefore, it should be avoided under any circumstance.
29 Oct 2011how wud u know d dosage_?
21 Oct 2011The gastric acid dissolves the capsule. Capsules can be opened and given to children provided the dose is correct
21 Oct 2011yes
20 Oct 2011Adult capsules cannot be opened and used for children a}Its a capsule, hence intestinal PH does play a role.b}the dose is formulated for one capsule hence cannot be uniformly distributed as in each particle`s{powder,granule} dose is not know.Therefore its difficult to titrate it to peadiatric dose.

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