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24 Jan 2012Breast milk contains a limited amount of vitamin D. It is not necessary with supplemental vitamin D all children born at term of pregnancy and with adeguate weight if fed the breast. Just give vitamin D to children who for various reasons {climate, black or very dark skin, lifestyle} are not able to benefit from the sunlight stimulus to produce adequate amounts of vitamin D. If the child is formula-fed, do not serve supplements, because vitamin D is added to infant formula enough.
24 Jan 2012usually most newborns get vit d supplemention
24 Jan 2012All children should get 400IE of Vitamin D daily for the first year of life.
24 Jan 2012yes it is required bcz babies r deficient andneed supplements usually
23 Jan 2012I thought it was under the sun that babies bloomed on breast milk
23 Jan 2012It is very much required- G Kiran Kumar
20 Jan 2012Mothers who are exclosivly breat feeding their babies and are not exposing themself to sun light, have milk which is deficient in calcium
20 Jan 2012To prevent calcium deficiency in mother, for absorption of calcium from gut, vitamin D must be given to mothers
19 Jan 2012child bearing women are usually not deficient in Vit D
18 Jan 2012Recent AAP recommendations also say this. It is recommended to give 400IU of vitamin to all new borns

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