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01 Apr 2012therapy of TB is ong time and non ahrenence to theapy is frquent so DOT REGIM IS TO AVOID NON COMPLIANCE . DR, MOHAMMED LESAYED MOHAMMED
01 Apr 2012it is more so with pediatric patients where it is more difficult to ensure compliance.
29 Mar 2012Can increase patient compliance.
28 Mar 2012FDC can be given provided drug dosages are nearest to the calculated dose.
13 Mar 2012individual drugs are prefered choice.when compliance is an issue the FDC should be the option.
12 Mar 2012There are so many problems associated with compliance to anti TB treatment due to its long duration. This is one of the major reasons why a patient lands into drug resistance. Most FDCs available today almost meet the right dose requirement and are easy to administer.We have as a system failed to understand the importance of FDCs. Even the DOTs programme is not full proof. Its time we start encouraging such rationale FDC in management of Kochs.
28 Feb 2012MT test should be done
28 Feb 2012concordance is a major issue in TB management. Single drug therapy would improve this, although a 10 month old child is probably unable to swallow a tablet!
27 Feb 2012FDC increases the compliance as well.
27 Feb 2012FDC drugs should be discouraged as the mg based dosage of anti TB drugs may be too large for a 10 month old. In general pediatrician should calsulate the dosage un mg based for any child requiring treatment based on strong clinical suspicion. Especially the case described in the vignet has household maternal TB conyact .

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