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21 Jun 2012Diapers are the most common cause of nappy rash. But the most concerning matter is environmental contamination as they are thrown straight away to the garbage bin. Stool is body fluid and considered as contaminated waste inside hospital premises but what about community sources_? We need some legislation in this regard.
16 Jun 2012The Material used in diapers is not environment friendly and its very difficult to degrade when thrown away
12 Jun 2012diapers can lead to diaper rash
10 Jun 2012Disposable diapers are costly and have a high absorption level which results in mothers using the diaper for longer periods - this results in diaper rash, chemical irritation and skin infections. Secondly disposable diapers are thick and not suitable in hot countries.
10 Jun 2012The disposable diapers are quite good for the baby - they wick moisture away from the skin, and are MUCH less likely to result in diaper rash then cloth diapers. I do, however, worry about the environment - not so much CONTAMINATION by fecal material or other biohazard, but that the diapers will be around in the land fills for many centuries! Each baby uses so many of the diapers daily, they fill landfills quickly! It would be great if they could keep their moisture wicking properties yet be completely, quickly biodegradable!
10 Jun 2012I have 4 children and I have used them both, disposable and cloth diapers, and my kids got significantly more diapers rash with the disposable ones.
08 Jun 2012mostly safe

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