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24 Sep 2012All healthcare workers must take influenza vaccine that decreases the risk of GBS as well as that prevent spread of influenza.
19 Sep 2012There is no careful weighing of the risks and benefits. VACCINES SAVE LIVES.
15 Sep 2012In a canadian study published in JAMA { 11 July 2012} there is a small but significant risk of GBS { 2 cases per 1 million doses, most vaccinated between 4-8 weeks before onset of GBS}. They conclude that the benefits of immunization outweighs the risks of GBS.Hence the decision shouldbe taken after carefully weighing the risks versus benefits as it is a mild illness in most individuals.
15 Sep 2012GBS can be there from the native illness itself also.
12 Sep 2012Pretty scary that nearly 9 percent of poll-takers don`t think healthcare workers should protect themselves and others!
11 Sep 2012If you recommend it for your patients, you had better be willing to get it yourself! Good medicine isn`t special care for Congress and national health care for everyone else.
11 Sep 2012don`t take flu shot don`t work in my office
06 Sep 2012The evidence for GBS association with influenza is minimal, if any, and if true has only been associated with a single influenza vaccine` the swine flu vaccine in 1976. The great perponderance of evidence does not associate GBS with any vaccine including influenza vaccines.
06 Sep 2012but actually how many doctor`s have taken it _?

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