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22 Nov 2012of course.
14 Nov 2012It has been successful for tens of thousands in the USA and Canada, and elsewhere. Initial cost shock resolves with the early discoveries and treatments! H M Harris, MD
11 Nov 2012we r top on malnorished child between 1 to 5 year high on neonatal mortility rate school drop out rate so other issue which r more prone to cure and treatment r focused first
05 Nov 2012Whatever is necessary to insure the health and well-being of our future generations.I am sure if polled,most people would be in favor of this,evenif it requires an additional tax.
04 Nov 2012very neccesary.. Most children are diagnoswd with metabolic disorders at late stage. Early daignosis of these disorders can make a big change in their management!!
30 Oct 2012the one should know how Healthy a baby is and mainly its metabolic condition so that further complication should not be observed
29 Oct 2012great
24 Oct 2012it will not be cost effectictive and will cause unnessary anxiety TO PARENTS
17 Oct 2012at present, there are lot of babies born in public hosp. can`t afford. who should be paying _? need a cost effective , indigenous screen. thanks
17 Oct 2012I just happen to have a grandson who was saved by it.

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