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13 Mar 2013Bangladeshi children are mostly vulnerable for Pneumococcal, Mumps and Rubella infection as vaccines against these microorganisms are not included in the existing EPI schedule. Anyway, necessary measures may be taken regarding their inclusion.
11 Mar 2013essential to achieve MDG4 goals
11 Mar 2013Children should be saved from all these pathogens to make them better healthy citizens.
09 Mar 2013those vaccines with which we can prevent disease surely to b part of EIP....MMR vaccine should b part of it as disease r vaccine prevented. about other vaccines mostly pneumococal..we cant say surely that after vaccination child wont get i dont want economically burdun on goverment
08 Mar 2013We need all these in developing countries. No facilities to test for rubella. We only assume that our children are exposed to it and have received some immunity.
27 Feb 2013MMR is most essential.It will protect against measles,mumps and german measles.
26 Feb 2013Only 6 regular diseases covered under epi
23 Feb 2013All three are excellent vaccines,should be a part of epi
23 Feb 2013i feel mmr and hib should be a part, considering the financial aspects. but since marking 2 of them is not a choice, all of the above is the next best.
11 Feb 2013Only 6 vaccine preventable diseases covered under EPI schedule. DPT, BCG, OPV,Measles

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