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27 Apr 2013law need modification
12 Apr 2013While I wouldn`t terminate a pregnancy for any condition, I do want to be personally prepared. Will the infant need a higher level of care_? Do I need to change delivery plans, etc_? An antenatal dx also gives parents time to mentally and emotionally prepare, pursue resources, and obtain education about their child`s diagnosis that will enable them to handle a special needs child more effectively.
09 Apr 2013Yes, it allows parents to prepare. Clearly, those that choose antenatal diagnosis are doing it to get information about their unborn child. I am not aware of an jurisdictions that qualify the legality of abortion by diagnosis.
06 Apr 2013You should have offered the option to select The law needs modification along with a Yes or No response.
26 Mar 2013estern health board should be informed MAJOR NARENDRANATH.P.K
25 Mar 2013Knowlege helps parents plan ahead. That can make big difference in their ability to have control and communications regarding care plans , etc. and also helps the pediatrician to begin dialoging with them before the infant arrives.
25 Mar 2013it is a ethical issue , so the law should be defined properly prior to do so.
22 Mar 2013The decision is between the patient and her doctor! The law should not have any thing to do with the decision!
22 Mar 2013Parents still need time to prepare for the birth of a disabled child.
22 Mar 2013Of course it changes management. Being prepared is everything in the delivery room. What could be the argument against - only a stance against termination of pregnancy.

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