Pedi Poll Remarks - Pediatric Oncall
Sr. NoDateRemarks
25 May 2013NOOOO
19 May 2013use depends on the clinical status and antibiotic resistance prevalent in that region
16 May 2013Higher antibiotics like teicoplanin and colistin should never be used without the support of Culture, Sensitivity report
16 May 2013Should be used under expert guidance
14 May 2013carbapenemase-producing organisms requires polymixin-B .Also meningitis can exist without blood culture being positive. But these organisms indicate poor NICU management.
10 May 2013Consider possibility of fungal sepsis, ask d microbiologist for fungal growth in culture
07 May 2013such good antibiotics should be preserved for only specific conditions where we know about the sensitivity pattern pointing only towards the specific antibiotic.
05 May 2013Always give 2nd line or 3rd line inj antibiotics on the basis of blood culture sensitivity..

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