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Q.  How should pediatricians keep themselves updated in pediatrics_?
Poll Results

Attending CMEs and conferences
Read articles on internet
Read journals
All of the above
Sr. NoDateRemarks
27 Mar 2011it include a multidisciplinary approach
22 Mar 2011CMES and conf are a waste of time.
22 Mar 2011very good site to get full knowledge regarding pediatrics updates
20 Mar 2011They need to accept that their knowledge will soon get outdated and must have the will to learn more
12 Mar 2011All of the above
09 Mar 2011All of the above
09 Mar 2011Reqest pediatriconcall to start online cme for credits
08 Mar 2011How to meet new mci norms regarding hrs_?
04 Mar 2011on line c.m.e
04 Mar 2011they also should readb text books

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