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Q.  Should foreign medical post graduates be allowed to practice in other countries__?
Poll Results

Yes, they will contribute to patient welfare
No, they do not know the medical system of another country
Sr. NoDateRemarks
26 Jan 2014We are one world and one people!
25 Jan 2014There can be a test to assess their level of knowledge in that country.
25 Jan 2014They have better clinical skills from practicing medicine without the privilege of sophisticated diagnostic techniques.
25 Jan 2014I am a foreign medical professional and went through all the exams and residency training and agree that it was necessary to do in order to understand how medicine is practiced in USA
25 Jan 2014They do need to be willing and able to integrate into the Medical System in the new country, but also able to keep the best parts of the Medical System of the home country.
25 Jan 2014as long as they are coached to adapt to the cultural expectations as well as to concept of what`s the standard of care in that place, yes` It takes some time to be able to fully adapt, be culturally sensitive and follow new standards.
25 Jan 2014It is tremendously useful to exchange experiences.
01 Jan 2014Basics of patient care are primarily the same, they just need some orientation initially,with time they can perform equal to locals.As doctors we are continously learning,which is why it is still the most interesting profession.
22 Dec 2013Doctor`s are always irrespective of there country
22 Dec 2013Knowledge should be global, sharing is caring..

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