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Zeal Medical Equipments
Transport Incubator with Inverter System (Without Battery) MODEL: INC 1003
Basic Portable Incubator mounted on trolley along with separate invertor External battery (ambulance battery or any 12V 30AH dry cell) when connected to invertor converts DC battery voltage into AC to run the system.

Portable incubator mounted on trolley with shelf.
Acrylic canopy with front side opening with elbow operated port holes.
Slide pull out sliding baby tray to facilitate resuscitation during transportation.
Inlets for Oxygen, I.V. tubings, etc.

Highly reliable skin / manual microcomputer controlled temp. controller
Air control mode with digital display of actual temperature
Separate digital display of actual temperature & set temp.
Separate display indication of % of heater power output
Alarm systems both Audio & Visual (with audio mute facility)
Over temp. (>390 C) alarm
High temperature alarm (20C higher than set temperature)
Probe failure alarm
Power failure alarm
Resolution: +/- 0.20C with in set temperature.
Control temperature range: Room temperature to 390C.
Safety cutoff at 390C
Power Source: 230Volts +/- 10%, 50HZ or 12V external battery.
Reliable Invertor System. (external).
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