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Zeal Medical Equipments
Warmer Stand with Trolley (LCD) MODEL: RHW1005A
Provides thermal regulation with highest degree of accuracy
User friendly feather touch control
Safety alarms along with high temp. cutoff

SKIN / AIR MANUAL (Micro Computer Temperature Controllers)
1" bright skin temp. display Control mode display on LCD
1" bright air temp. display Set temp. display on LCD
% of heater output display APGAR Timer display on LCD

Manual Mode
Time programmable
Heater output settable
Over temp. cutoff.

Timer / APGAR Timer Baby attending alarm Auto audio alarm mute Mute time programmable Safety Alarms Messages on LCD
Skin Mode
Skin high 0.5° C Skin under range (<34° C)
Skin low 0.5° C Skin probe failure
Skin over range (>38° C)    

Air Mode
Air high 1.5° C Air over range
Air low 3.0° C Air probe failure

Safety high temp. cutoff at
Skin temp. >38° C
Air temp. >39° C

Heater & Power failure alarm
Consists of Ceramic Infra Red Heater.
The source box can be swiveled to take X-ray
Due to temp. insulated cover on the heater box, its exterior surface remains cool even after long run
T struction of the stainless steel reflector and guard rail is such that the complete cleaning of heater & reflector is possible without any electrical shock hazards

Provides accurate assessment of Infant colour and sufficient illumination during procedures

Two Lower shelf, Side Mounted Monitor tray, Pole for Syringe Pump/ Infusion Pump & Stainless Steel IV Stand

Heavy duty mounted on 4"
Clear acrylic collapsible side panels to assess an infant from all sides
Stainless steel baby tray with transparent slot to incorporate the facility of undersurface phototherapy
Acrylic tray and cushion mattress with head up/down facility
Acrylic X-ray tray with X-ray guide for positioning the cassette
The design aspects also allow easy of dismantling baby care area during cleaning or fumigation
Two lower shelves
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