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Abharan (Aabharan) Jewel
Abhav Birthless, Vishnu, Shiva, Jina
Abhay Fearless, courageous
Abhayankar One who gives courage, dispels fear God
Abhayankar One who gives courage, dispels fear God
Abhayasimha As fearless as a line, Name of an ancient king
Abheek Fearless
Abheesht Wanted, desired
Abhichandra Beautiful moon
Abhigyan (Abhigyaan) Recollection
Abhijat (Abhijaat) A person of noble birth, Highborn
Abhijay Victorious, Vishnu
Abhijin 8th division of the time of the day
Abhijit Victor, Vishnu, Name of a star
Abhilash Wish, desire
Abhiman (Abhimaan) Self respect, affectionate pride
Abhimanyu Short-tempered, Son of Arjuna and Subhadra
Abhinandan Congratulations, Handsome son, Name of a theerthankara
Abhinav Modem, new novel
Abhindra (Abhindra) (Abheendra) Devendra
Abhinivesh Long cherlshed desire, idea, resolution, determination
Abhiraj (Abhiraaj) Handsome
Abhiram (Abhiraam) Lovely, pleasing
Abhirath Handsome
Abhiroop Handsome
Abhisheehan Abhishek
Abhishek Ceremonious holy bath given to a diety
Abhishikth A deity or a King
Abhivachan Good word, Promise
Abhivadak (Abhivaadak) One who salutes respectfully


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