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Badal (Baadal) Rain, cloud
Badarayan (Baadaraayan) Sage vedavyas
Badarinarayan Diety at the piligrimage centre "Badari" in Himalayas
Badarinath Diety at the piligrimage centre "Badari" in Himalayas
Badariprasad A gift of Badarinarayanan
Badarish Diety at the piligrimage centre "Badari" in Himalayas
Bahubali (Baahubali) Gommateshwar
Bahul A star, black, dark
Bahuleya Kartikeya, brought up by Krittika
Bahuman (Bahumaan) A prize
Bahushruta Who has heard much, a scholar
Baidyanath Shiva
Bajarang Hanuman, Hunumanth
Bala surya (Baala soorya) Rising Sun
Balabheem Bheemasena, second of Pandava brothers
Balachandra Rising Moon
Baladev Strong person, Sri Krishna's brother
Baladithya Rising Sun
Balagopal Krishna
Balagovind Krishna
Balakrishna (Baala Krishna) Young Krishna
Balamohan Krishna
Balamurali Krishna Young Krishna who played on flute
Baland Supreme, excellent
Balaram (Balaraam) Sri Krishna's brother
Balaravi (Baala ravi) Rising Sun
Balark (Baalark) Rising Sun
Balasunder Handsome boy, Sri Krishna
Balendra King among children, Krishna
Balindra King Bali, Prahlad's grand son


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