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Cauveriranga Lord Ranganatha at the temples on the bank of the river Cauvery
Chada Vikram Very brave
Chaitanya Energy, Vitality, A saint of Bengal
Chaithra First month of the year
Chaitya A buddhist or Jain temple
Chakor A bird
Chakradhar Vishnu
Chakrapani Vishnu
Chakravak (Chakravaak) A bird
Chakravarthi King, emperor
Chakresh King emperor
Chakshu Eye
Chalapathi Vishnu as Lord of "Chanchala"
Chalavanth A determined person
Chalukya A King of Kamataka of olden days
Chamaraj Name of the last king of Mysore
Chamarajendra (Chamaraaj) Name of the last king of Mysore
Chamatkar Cleverness, skill, wonder
Champak A fragnant flower
Chanaksha Chanakya
Chanakya A clever man, wordlywise person. Author of the book on Economics and political science
Chanchal unsteady, moving to and fro
Chanda Kiran One with strong beams of light
Chandan Sandal wood
Chandira The Moon
Chandra The Moon
Chandra kiran A ray of moonlight
Chandrabanu Son of Sri Krishna and Satybhama
Chandrabh Moonlight, One of Manus in Jain mythology
Chandrachood Shiva


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