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Daivamsh Of divine origin
Daivik Divine, fortunate
Daksha Able, competent
Dakshinamurthy Shiva
Dakshinesh Shiva
Dakshineshwar Shiva
Dalapathi Head of an army division
Damachandra More beautiful than moon
Damarugendra Shiva
Damodar (Daamodar) Vishnu
Danasheel (Daanasheel) A donor, philanthropist
Dandak Song Echvaku
Dandapani Shiva
Dankana Name of a sculptor of olden days
Darpan Mirror
Darshan Religious text, one of the six systems of Indian philosophy, vision
Darshanik (Daarshanik) A philosopher
Dashajyothish Name of a Sage, Ten scars of Agni
Dasharath Sri Rama's father
Dasharathi (Daasharathi) Dasharatha's Son, Sri Rama
Datar (Daataar) Donor, liberal person
Dattadri A sage
Dattreya Descendent of Dattadri
Daulat Riches, power, prid
Dayakar Who sows kindness and compassion
Dayal (Dayaal) A Kind and compassionate person
Dayanand Who is pleased to help, to be kind
Dayashankar Merciful Shiva
Deenanath Protector of poor and downtrodden, God
Deepak Lamp


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