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Ealin Father of King Dushyant
Eash Shiva
Eashan Shiva
Eashana (Eashaana) One of the five faces of Shiva. Name of a heaven
Eashanashakthi Name of an ancient Jain seer
Eashwar Shiva
Eashwara Chandra Eashwara Chandra Shiva adomed by Chandra (moon)
Eashwaranand Who delights in the devotion of Shiva
Eashwaranandan Son of Shiva
Ebhamukh Elephant faced Ganapati
Ebhanan Elephant faced, Ganapati
Ecchit Desired
Ecchvaku (Ecchvaaku) First King of the Suryavamsha son of Vyvaswata Manu
Ekalavya Good bowman, Dronacharya's disciple who gave his thumb as "Guru dakshina"
Ekamber Shiva
Ekamranath Diety of Shiva at Kanchi
Ekaraj Emperor
Ekath Name of a sage
Ekaveer A King of Chandravamsha
Ekendra Shiva
Ekesh Emperor
Ekoram One of the five acharyas
Ekshudhanva The cupid
Elesh King
Eleyaraj King
Enakanth Sun-light
Enakulesh Best among Kings of Suryadynasty Sri Ram
Eravanth Son of Arjuna and Uloopi


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