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Gadhadhar Vishnu, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's former name
Gagan The Sky
Gagana Vihari (Gagana Vihaari) One who moves in the Sky
Gaganachandra The Moon in the Sky
Gagnadeep The Sun
Gahan Deep, Complex
Gajamukh Elephant faced Ganesh
Gajanan (Gajaanan) Elephant faced Ganesh
Gajendra King of Elephants
Galav (Gaalav) Name of a sage
Gambheer Dignified, Majestic
Gananath Lord Ganesh
Gananayak The King of Shiva "Ganas" - Ganesh
Ganapati Head of the Shiva ganas, Shiva's Son
Ganaprabhu Lord Ganesh
Gandhamadhan (Gandhamaadhan) A mountain
Gandhamalin (Gandhamaalin) A garland of fragrant flowers
Gandharva A category of celestial, beings Heavenly Musician
Ganesh Head of the Shiva ganas, Shiva's Son
Gangeya (Gaangeya) Ganga's Son Bheeshma
Garalakant Eashwar
Garuda Vishnu's Vehicle (Vahana) kite
Garuda Vahan Vishnu
Gaurav Regard, Respect, Honour
Gautum Siddartha, Buddha, an incarnation of Vishnu Name of a sage
Gavalgan Sanjay's father
Gavendra Holy Bull, Nandi, Shiva's Vahana (Vehicle)
Gaviranga Lord Ranganath
Geervan Sanskrit Language, Bhramha
Geervar Brahma


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