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Habib Beloved
Hafiz Protected
Haleem Mild
Hameed A friend
Hamsadwaj Name of an ancient King
Hamsanand Atmanand, Supreme joy
Hamsavahan (Hamsavaahan) Bhramha
Hanuman Rama's great devotee and servant
Hanumanth Rama's great devotee and servant
Hanumesh Rama's great devotee and servant
Harachoodamani The Moon
Haradayal (Haradayaal) Merciful Lord Shiva
Haradut Given by Hara
Haran Eashwar, life
Haraprasad Gift of shiva
Hari Vishnu
Hari dayal Merciful Vishnu
Hari om Hari mantrakshara
Hari Shankar Shiva and Vishnu combined
Haridas Servant of Vishnu
Haridashwa House of Sun's chariot
Haridut Given by Vishnu
Harihar Half Shiva and half Vishnu diety at Harihara templ
Harihareshwar Half Shiva and half Vishnu diety at Harihara temple
Harikripa Gift of Vishnu
Harikumar Hari's son, Bhramha
Harin Deer
Harinadhar The Moon
Harinarayan (Harinaaraayan) Vishnu
Harinath Vishnu


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