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Iaichik Selected
Ibrahim Earth
Imran Strong
Inayat Kindness
Indeevar Lord
Indeevaraksh A Gandharva King
Indiranandan Lakshmi's son, wealthy person
Indiraraman Vishnu
Indiresh Vishnu
Indra King of devas (Angels)
Indrabh Light of Indra
Indradyumna Another name of Indrajit, A King of Avanti
Indragop Firefly, glow worm
Indrajal (Indrajaal) Magic
Indrajit Who conquered Indra, Ravana's son
Indrakeel India's banner, Name of a mountain
Indrakumar Indra's son
Indraneel A Blue gem
Indrapramaad An Acharya (Guru) A disciple of Shwetaketu
Indrasen Damayanathi's son A messenger of Pandavas
Indravan Another name of King Kukuthsu (An anccestor of Sri Ram)
Indravarma A King of Malava Kingdom
Indris Lord of heart and mind
Indroth Another name of sage Shounak
Indudhar Eashwar
Indujanak Moon's father, the sea
Indukanth Moon shine, Moon light
Induprakash Moon shine, Moon light
Indushekhar Eashwar
Indutej Moon shine, Moon light


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