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Jabali (Jaabaali) A sage
Jag preet Loved by the whole world
Jagadatma (Jagadaatma) Soul of the world, Vishnu
Jagadeep Light of the world, the Sun
Jagadeesh King of the world
Jagadwikhyat World famous
Jagajit One who has conquered the world
Jagan World, universe
Jaganmitra Friend of the world
Jaganmohan Sri Krishna
Jagannath Vishnu
Jagat pal Who looks after the earth, A King
Jagath World, universe
Jagatheeshwar Eashwar
Jagatsena Name of an ancient King
Jagmohan Sri Krishna
Jai Ganesh Victorious Ganapati
Jaimini Name of a sage, Vedavyasa's Principle Disciple
Jairam Victorious Rama
Jaishankar Victorious Shiva
Jaithra Victorious, Vishnu, Shiva, Jina, Arjun
Jaladandeshwar Eashwar
Jaladhar Cloud
Jaladhi The Sea
Jaladhij Moon
Jalan Cloud
Jalaneel Blue colour of the sea
Jalil Influence, radiance
Jamadagni A sage
Jambukeshwar Shiva, Eashwar


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