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Kadamba Name of a dynasty which ruled over ancient Karnataka
Kahol Name of a sage
Kailasanath Shiva
Kairavin Moon light
Kaivalya Vaikunta, Vishnu's abode
Kaivalyanath Vishnu
Kalabhairav (Kaalabhairav) Shiva the destroyer
Kalakant A cuckoo, nightingale, a song bird
Kalakesari Well versed in fine arts, Artist
Kalash A vessel filled with water for worship. Topmost part of the tower of a temple
Kalatapaswi A man dedicated to arts, A connoisseur
Kalias The place where Shiva lives, happiness
Kalicharam Feet of Durga, devotee of Kali
Kalidas (Kaalidaas) Servant of Kali (Durga)
Kalind Mountain from which river Yamuna takes birth
Kalpaj Born in Heaven, A Deva
Kalpak A tree in heaven which gives whatever you ask. A day of Bhrahma, A division in Vedas
Kalpesh Brahma
Kalyan (Kalyaan) Prosperity, happiness, beneficient
Kamaal Wonder
Kamal Lotus
Kamalaksh Having lotus like eyes, Vishnu
Kamalanath Vishnu
Kamalesh Vishnu
Kamit (Kaamit) Desired coveted
Kamyak (Kaamyak) Desired, Name of a forest
Kanak Gold
Kanan (Kaanan) Forest
Kanchan (Kaanchan) Name of a sage
Kandarpa Cupid


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