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Laalit Loved, pampered
Lakshan Good look, special quality
Lakshman Sri Rama's brother, Sumitra's son
Lakshmeesh Goddess Lakshmi's Lord, Vishnu
Lakshmikant Goddess Lakshmi's Lord, Vishnu
Lakshminarayan Vishnu
Lakshmiraman Goddess Lakshmi's Lord, Vishnu
Lalam (Lalaam) best among its kind. Crow-like
Lalataksha (Lalaataksha) One having an eye on his brow Shiva, Eashwar
Lalit Simple
Lalitamohan Simple and handsome
Lallan Loved one, pampered one
Lambodar Ganapati
Latif Elegant
Lav Rama's son
Lavraj Rama's son
Leela Krishna Playful Sri Krishna
Leelashuka Playful parrot
Lekhak An author
Lekhan Writing, article
Likhit Name of a sage, Brother of sage Shankha
Likuleesh A sanskrit poet
Lochan Eye
Lohit Red colour
Lohitashwa Who had a red horse, Harischandra's son
Lokabandhu Friend of the world
Lokamitra Friend of the whole world
Lokanath Shiva
Lokasunder Very handsome
Lokatman The God, Vishnu


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