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Madan The cupid, Manmatha, God of love
Madanamohan Handsome as the cupid
Madhav (Maadhav) Sri Krishna, the spring season
Madhuchandra Honey moon
Madhuk Bee
Madhukar Bee, who gives honey
Madhukeshwar Diety of Shiva at Banavasi
Madhumitra Sweet friend
Madhup Bee
Madhur Sweet
Madhuramohan Sri Krishna
Madhuranath Sri Krishna
Madhurank (Madhuraank) Lovely scene
Madhusudhan Slayer of the demon Madhu, Sri Krishna
Madhwaraj Madwacharya founder of Dwaitha philosophy
Madhwesh Sri Madhwacharya
Madiraksh or Madirashwa Brother of the King Virata
Mahabahu Very strong person
Mahabal Anjaneya
Mahabhag Fortunate, lucky
Mahabhisha A King of Ecchvaku dynasty, Name of a star
Mahadev Eashwar, Shiva
Mahak Scent
Mahalingam Shivalinga
Mahan (Mahaan) Great, important
Mahanidhi Great treasure
Mahant Great soul, great man, religious teacher
Mahapadma One of the Kubera's nine treasures
Maharushi Great sage
Mahatab Moon, Moonlight


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