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Naaz Pride
Nabhaga (Naabhaaga) A King, Dasharatha's father
Nabhendu Moon in the Sky
Nabhiraj 14th Manu of Jain mythology
Nabhomandal The Sky
Nabhomani The Sun
Nabhoroop Sky-like
Nachiket A boy who argued with the god of death Yama and let the world know about the secrets of the death
Nadir (Nadeer) Pinnacle
Nadish The Sea
Nadnda Kishore Son of Nanda, Sri Krishna
Nagabharan Who wears serpents as ornaments, Shiva
Nagabhooshan Who wears serpents as ornaments, Shiva
Nagachandra Name of a poet
Nagadev Nagaraj
Nagadhar Who wears serpents as ornaments, Shiva
Nagadhiraj King of mountains
Nagakumar Son of a serpent (Naga)
Nagaling Eashwar
Nagamitra A friend of Nagas
Naganand Son of a Naga
Naganath King of Nagas
Nagapal King of Nagas (Serpents)
Nagaprasad Gift of Naga
Nagaraj King of serpents
Nagarjun White serpent
Nagendra King of Nagas
Nagesh (Naagesh) King of Nagas
Nageshwar Nagaraj, one of the Jyothilingas. Linga at Darukavana
Nahusha A king, Puroorava's grandson


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