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Paavan Holy
Padak A Medal
Padmacharan Lakshmi's feet
Padmadev Name of a hero from ancient Jain literature
Padmaj Born in a Lotus, Brahma
Padmakanth Vishnu
Padmaksh A person with Lotus like eyes, Vishnu, son of chandrahasa and Champakamalini
Padmakumar Son of Lakshmi, wealthy person
Padmanabh Vishnu
Padmanand Happiness of Lakshmi, Lakshmi's son, Rich
Padmapriya Vishnu
Padmesh Vishnu
Pakshiraj Garuda, Vishnu's vehicle
Palaniswamy Murugha, Kumaraswamy
Pallav Tender leaves
Pampapati Viroopaksha, Shiva
Pananjay Cloud
Pananthaka (Paraanthaka) Shiva
Panchakshar The letters of "Namah Shivaya", 5 letters of Shivamantra
Panchanan Shiva
Pandarinath Vittal, Vishnu
Panduranga Vittal, Vishnu
Pangit (Paangit) Ritualistically perfect, thorough manner, complete
Panini (Paanini) An author of a grammer book and Economics
Pankaj Lotus
Pankajanabh Vishnu
Pannag Serpent, Nag
Pannagabhooshan Who wears serpents as ornaments, Shiva
Pannagadhar Who wears serpents as ornaments, Shiva
Pannagashayan Vishnu


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