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Radhakrishna Sri Krishna
Radhamadhav Sri Krishna
Radharaman (Raadharaman) Radha's beloved, Sri Krishna
Radheshyam Sri Krishna
Rafat Elevation
Raghav (Raaghav) Sri Ram
Raghavanka (Raaghavanka) Name of a poet of Karnataka
Raghavendra Best among Raghus, Sri Rama, A Vaishnava Saint of the 12th century who is now in the state of 'Samaadhi' at "Manthralaya".
Raghotham Sri Ram, Best among Raghus (Raghuvamsha)
Raghu An emperor of Surya Vamsha, Rama's anscestor
Raghunandan Sri Ram
Raghupathi Sri Ram
Raghuram Sri Ram
Rahim Merciful
Rahul Son of Siddartha
Raibhya A sage
Rajakumar Prince
Rajan (Raajan) A King
Rajaneesh Moon
Rajanikant Moon
Rajanya A King
Rajat Silver
Rajatadri Silver mountain
Rajeev (Raajeev) Lotus
Rajeevalochan Vishnu
Rajendra Emperor
Rajesh Emperor
Raka Full moon
Rakesh Full moon
Rakshak Who protects, the God


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