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Tahir Holy
Tailapa a King of ancient Karnataka
Taksha Son of Bharatha and Mandovi who founded the city "Taksha Shila"
Takshak King of serpents
Talib Divine
Tallen Engrossed, absorbed
Tamaghna Who dispels darkness sun
Tamohar Who dispels darkness sun
Tanmay Engrossed, absorbed
Tanvir Enlightned
Tapan Tapas, austerity
Tapaswi A sage who practices austerities
Tarak Protector
Taramandal Milky way, galaxy
Taranath King of stars, moon
Tarang A Wave
Taranth Lord of stars, the moon
Tarapathi Lord of stars, the moon
Tarik Who crosses the river of life
Tarun Young person, Youth
Tathagath Buddha
Tatpar Deeply interested, engrossed
Tejas Brightness, radiance
Tejaswi Radiant personality
Tejobimb Bright disc of sun or moon
Tejomay Full of brightness
Tejoram Sri Ram
Tejorasi Name of a Jain guru (teacher)
Tejorath Name of a King
Tejovanth Radiant person


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