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Udadhi The Sea
Udank Name of a sage
Udari (Udaari) Generous person
Udath (Udaath) Noble, generous
Udaya Birth, upcoming
Udayachal A hill at eastern horizon
Udayachandra Rising Moon
Udayagiri A hill at eastern horizon
Udayan Name of a King
Ujwal Bright, brilliant
Ullas Joy, delight
Umakanth Shiva
Umasuta Ganesh
Umesh Shiva
Unnat High, elevated
Upaman A simile, comparison
Upanishat Part of Vedas
Uparichar Satyavathi's father, A King's name
Upasan Worship
Upen Indra's younger brother
Upendra Indra's brother Vaman Vishnu
Urmilakanth Urmila's Lord Lakshman
Urmilesh Lakshman
Ushnik One of the horses of Sun's chariot
Uthkal Son of Dhruva
Uthkantha Bright
Uthkarsh Excellence, wellbeing
Uthkeerthan Praised
Uthkrushta Superior, best, eminent
Uthsah Zeal


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