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Vachan Word, promise
Vachaspati A learned man
Vadiraj (Vaadiraj) Name of a Vaishnava saint
Vagdan (Vaagdaan) A promise, pledge, word of honour
Vagish (Vaageesh) Bhramha
Vaibhav Promp, opulence, show, glitter
Vaishak (Vaishaak) Name of a month
Vajra Diamond, Aniruddha's son
Vajrang Anjaneya
Vakpati Bhramha
Vaksharaj Kubera
Vallabhadev Master, Owner
Valmiki A sage who wrote Ramayan
Vaman (Vaaman) An incarnation of Vishnu
Vamshi The flute
Vanamali Sri Krishna
Vanchit (Vaanchit) Wanted, yearned for
Vandan Salution, greeting
Vandit Who is saluted
Vangyeshwar Agni
Varahamoorthy An incarnationof Vishnu as boar
Varchas Radiance, charishma, Prestige, son of a Chandra
Vardhaka One who improves
Vardhaman Mahaveer
Varidhi (Vaaridhi) The sea
Varun God of Rain and Water
Vasanth The spring season
Vasav (Vaasav) Rich, Devendra
Vasishta A great sage, Rama's Purohit
Vasudev Krishna's father


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