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Yadav Krishna
Yadavendra (Yaadavendra) Sri Krishna
Yadu Son of Yayathi and Devayani, His descendents are Yadavas
Yadugiri Melukote hills in Mandya district on which famous Vishnu temple is locatedin which the idol was intalled by Sri Ramanujacharya
Yadukumar Krishna
Yadunandan Krishna
Yadunath Sri Krishna
Yadushyla Yadugiri
Yaduveer Sri Krishna
Yajurvedi Follower of Yajurveda
Yaminichandra Night moon
Yangyanarayan Vishnu
Yangyasena Nameof King Drupada
Yangyavalkya A sage
Yashas Fame, renown, success, triumph
Yashaskar Celebrated, triumphant
Yashaswi Successful, famous
Yashodanandan Yashoda's son Krishna
Yashodeep Life of fame
Yashodev Famous
Yashodhar Successful, famous
Yashpal Successful, famous
Yashwant Successful, famous
Yatin A ascetic (saint)
Yatindra King of Yatis
Yatiraj Best among Ascetics
Yayati Son of Nahusha
Yekamranath Diety of Shiva at Kanchi
Yekath A sage's name
Yekaveer Name of a King of Chandravamsha


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