Baby Girl Names - Pediatric Oncall
Aakarshaka Attractive
Aanasooya One without jealousy, wife of sage Gautham
Abdhija Born in sea, Goddess Lakshmi
Abha Lustre, shine
Abharan (Aabharan) A Jewel, omament
Abharika (Aabharikka) One who has a halo around her head, A Goddess
Abhaya Fearlessness, courage
Abhayankari One who gives courage, dispels fear
Abhayasimha As fearless as a line, Name of an ancient king
Abhigeetha Praised
Abhigya Expert, well informed, adept
Abhijaya Victorious
Abhijishya Independent girl
Abhijitha Conquered, Lakshmi
Abhikhya Beauty, fame, shine
Abhilasha (Abhilaasha) Hope, desire
Abhilashita Desired, yearned for
Abhimanini (Abhimaanini) A girl with self respect. One having affectionte pride
Abhinandana Contratulations, happiness
Abhinetri Actress, dancer
Abhinivesha Long cherished desire, faith, determination
Abhiroopa Attractive
Abhivandya One who is respected, saluted
Abhramani Sun or Moon
Abjini Lotus pond, collection of Lotuses
Acchoda Limpid water, pure water, name of a pond in heaven. Name of the sage Bahirshad
Achala Mountain, Steady
Achiraprabha Lightening
Adarsha (Aadarsha) Ideal, aim
Adbhutha Marvel, astounding

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