Baby Girl Names - Pediatric Oncall
Bageshree (Baageshree) Beauty, a classical melody (raga)
Bahuda (Baahudaa) Name of a river
Bahula A star
Bahulya (Baahulya) Prosperous, profuse, ample
Bakulamalike Garland of 'Bakula' flowers
Bala (Baala) Daughter of Lalitha Parameshwari, who is always a nine year old girl
Balamani Gem among children
Balamba Little goddess
Banashankari Parvathi
Bandhura Attractive, Lovely
Bani (Baani) Vani, Saraswathi
Basanti The spring season
Basaveshwari Goddess Parvathi
Bela A flowering creeper
Bhadra Queen of Sri Krishna, Chandra's daughter, a wife of Vasudeva, Name of a sage's daughter, Name of a river
Bhadravathi Wife of King Pareekshit
Bhadrika Woman with good fortune
Bhageerathi River Ganga
Bhagya Wealth, fortune
Bhagyajyothi Light of good fortune
Bhagyalakshmi Goddess of wealth
Bhagyarekha Line of good luck
Bhagyasri Bhagyalakshmi
Bhagyatara (Bhaagyataara) Fortune star, lucky star
Bhairavi Parvathi, A melody in classical music
Bhamini (Bhaamini) A lady, A Gandharva maiden
Bhanuja River Yamuna
Bhanumathi Wife of Duryodhana
Bharani A star
Bharathi (Bhaarathi) Saraswathi, Mother of our nation

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