Baby Girl Names - Pediatric Oncall
Chabeela Beautiful shining
Chaitali Name of an ancient city
Chaitra First month of the Hindu calender, most beautiful season
Chakori A bird which is believed to live only by drinking moonlight
Chakrasthitha Who lives in 'Chakra', Lakshmi, Rajarajeshwari
Chakravaka A bird which is believed to live on Raindrops
Chakravarthini An Empress
Chakreshwari An empress, Name of an 'Yakshi' in Jain mythology
Chakrika Lakshmi
Chalama Goddess Parvathi as embodiment of Kinetic energy
Chalana Resolute, determined
Chameli A creeper with flowers
Champaka Yellow fragrant flower
Champaka malini Garland of champaka flowers, wife of Chandrahasa
Champakali Bud of champaka
Champakavarni Giri with golden complexion
Champavathi Angaraj Karna's capital
Champika Kusha's wife
Champu Mixture of poetry and prose
Chamundeshwari Durga, Diety of the temple on Chamundeshwari hills at Mysore
Chanchala Unsteady, Goddess Lakshmi
Chandana Sandal wood
Chandini (Chaandini) Moonlight
Chandodari Mother of Matysagandhi (Satyavathi)
Chandra Moon
Chandra Kanthi Moon light
Chandra Kirana Rays of Moon
Chandra mukhi Moon-faced
Chandra Vadane Moon-faced
Chandrabhagya Name of the river cheenab

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